About us

We are organic clothes brand that offers quality clothes & accessories to babies. Clothes are styled with 100% certified organic cotton and printed using non-toxic water based ink, so that Baby's skin breathes easy without any irritation.

Here at Soft Cuddle, we believe every child deserves the very best, but we also know that should never come at the expense of the world around us. That is why we have created a range of the highest quality clothing for your child that is created using ethically sourced, certified organic cotton, providing wonderful, soft and comfortable clothing that is safer for your child while looking after the environment as well.

Of course, the benefits do not stop with the environment, without the excessive chemical use, organic cotton products can be less prone to causing allergies, and this is especially true for babies and young children. Naturally softer than its chemically developed alternative, organic cotton is the perfect material for your baby’s developing skin, with its softer texture and some say a nicer smell!

It is also important to remember that the best material in the world is only useful with good clothing design, and we have created a range of beautiful, comfortable garments that provide plenty of room for movement, ensuring that their clothes will never get in the way of your child’s adventures.

Bright, attractive designs that your child will love, all manufactured in safer, softer organic cotton. Better for your child, better for the farmers, better for the environment. That is the Soft Cuddle way.


Using organic cotton is important, as it has become clearer over the years that non-organic cotton uses more insecticides and other chemicals than any other crop out there. In fact, cotton growing accounts for nearly a quarter of all pesticide use globally, and one tenth of all pesticide use, and yet is grown on only a fraction of the world's cultivated land, just 3%. This excessive use of chemicals is causing untold damage to the environment around cotton growing regions, which in turn has had severe social consequences as well.


We believe there is a better way to produce our clothes than that, by using organic cotton we remove these issues, but with so many different organizations and standards, how can anyone be certain that if something is labelled organic, it really is safer for the environment? There are hundreds of different classifications for clothing varying from one country to another, and that includes describing what organic clothing actually is. That is where the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) comes in.

GOTS is the first globally recognized standard for organic materials, and all of our clothing is produced using GOTS certified organic suppliers. When we say that it is organic cotton, that is exactly what you get. You know you are buying ethically farmed, environmentally friendly cotton that is as good for the planet as it is for your child.

The basic production of the cotton is not all that the GOTS certification guarantees, it also looks at all other aspects of the garment as well. This is important, especially for baby clothes, as chemicals used for cleaning, dyeing and finishing cotton can remain on the product after manufacture and cause irritation to skin once worn. No one wants babies to have that problem, and as part of GOTS certification you can be sure that every aspect of the manufacture, from the organic cotton itself, through the detergents used to clean it and the dyes used to produce the vibrant designs that you love, are all safe for the most delicate skin and the environment too!

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