Our Mission

Every child deserves the best!

Soft Cuddle Team

Gayathry Gogineni
Inspired by Organic Wear, her passion for design has driven GG to create this amazing brand right as she faced the challenge of having her own child. However, never afraid of any challenge, GG is a great believer in her philosophy, that combining a clear dream with a lot of hard work will make anything come true. Design has been GG’s passion throughout her life, and whether that was clothing design or creating exquisite interiors, the purity of a beautiful design has always captured her imagination. GG’s interests in what little free time she has including singing and story writing, so its fair to say that creativity is a driving force with everything GG does. The creativity that shines from her is at the core of Soft Cuddle, supporting the designs, concepts and themes on which our ranges are based. With her input, enthusiasm and advice, there is a bit of GG in everything we do, while her vision has helped us create a range of designs, each with their own story to tell.
Where do you see Soft Cuddle in the future?
I want to see Soft Cuddle clothing in every retail store that sells babywear, not just here, but on every continent!

Reneaa brought her own unique vision and style to the whole concept, inspiring new ideas with her passion for the design process. At Soft Cuddle, we are very proud to say that Reneaa has been a crucial part of our designs from the start, her enthusiasm and vision have helped shape our range, and we look forward to working together again very soon!

Anil and Bhanu (A&B)
Logo Designer
A complete design and marketing team of exceptional vision and skill, A&B Designers have a record of success for movies in Tollywood, India no less! It was great to have them design our logo, and has been our pleasure to work with such an amazing team throughout the creative process!

Tina was borne in Bulgaria on the verge of a major political and social change in Eastern Europe. She started taking pictures when she was 6 years old with a child-size film camera her grandfather gave her, and never stopped. She won an academic scholarship and moved to the USA when she was 18 and later on completed an MBA at Duke University. Tina has lived in Florida, California, North Carolina, London, Florence and New York City. She worked in finance for over a decade in New York until she made the commitment to dedicate her time and efforts to what truly brings meaning to her life - photography. Tina completed a program at the International Center of Photography in NYC, where she is now a Teaching Assistant. Her focus are portraits, fashion, commercial product and real estate photography. She has been published in National Geographic, New York Post, Corriere della Serra, Bulgarka Magazine, Bulgarian National TV and hosted exhibitions in the US, Italy and Bulgaria. Provided her prior career in finance, Tina is the perfect balance between creativity and professionalism.

Naveen have produced exceptional work for us, reflecting his belief that for any apparel design, great presentation and great pictures are need for people to notice. Great photography highlights the best aspects of great design and have worked incredibly hard to help us achieve that.

We had a lot of fun during the process, and we look forward to working with these wonderful people again soon!